This Is The Real Reason Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Visited Kenya


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was among the foreign dignitaries that flew into the country during the inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto. The four-time premier, however, did not attend the live ceremony at Kasarani after the Shin Bet security service special agents warned him over safety concerns.

According to sources, Netanyahu flew into the country with the aim of solidifying his relations with Kenya and the entire African continent as Israel fights for recognition at the international level. Over years the nation of Israel has been mobilizing African state not to support United Nations’ push for Palestine to be declared independent.
The Israel nation has been under fierce criticism over Tel Aviv policies in the different territories. The Prime Minister asked African leaders to push for their position when it comes voting at the United Nations.

“The first interest is to dramatically change the situation regarding African votes at the UN and other international bodies from opposition to support”, he said.



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