Comedian Jb Masanduku Denies Assaulting Ex-Wife Tina Kaggia


Comedian JB Masanduku has finally come out the closet to respond to assault claims by his ex-wife, Radio Presenter Tina Kaggia. The latter had accused the ex-husband of subjecting her to domestic violence before their separation. The celebrated comedian has maintained that he did not assault her ex-wife, adding that he cannot do such a thing. “I don’t know what the fuss is about.

I wouldn’t do this to Tina Kaggia… Masunduku had tried to keep silent over the issue until things seemed to blow out of proportion. On her part, Kaggia has made it clear that she has moved on despite having been mistreated by her ex hubby. The two looked happy together until the news about their breakup hit headlines. The relationship of the two has already attracted mixed reactions from different factions with activists on social media and other platforms condemning men who beat their wives in relationships. Tina and Masanduku were among the most celebrated couple until their marriage came crushing.


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