This Is What You Didn’t Know About Dj Crème De La Crème Infamous Sex Tape


Celebrated DJ Crème De La Crème has made interesting revelations about his sex tape. In an exclusive interview on K24’s Talk Central, Crème said that the sex tape that went viral several months ago was longer than what was thought. According to Crème, the tape was more than one hour and 30 minutes long but only 5 minutes were aired. The talented DJ was responding to a member of gang dubbed TC gang.
“By the way, the actual video was one hour, 30 minutes but because of bundles, they only uploaded five minutes of it. So.” he posed as the audience cheered.

Crème became the talk of social media after the video surfaced online. The hype man has, however, used the negative publicity from the Kenyans on social media platforms to take his career to next level. Sometime back, Crème was allegedly deported from the United States of America over Visa related issues where he was expected to hold a series of shows.


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