Khaligraph Jones Enters Stage In A White Coffin


Celebrated rapper Khaligraph Jones left music lovers with their mouths wide open after making a grand entry on stage in a white coffin. Jones, a self-proclaimed king of rap in the entertainment industry, took hundreds of fans at Uhuru Gardens shocked after he was brought to stage with pall bearers in black suits during the Jameson Connect event. The event, which was headlined by American rapper TY Dollar Sign, attracted different artists including Khaligraph Jones, Kagwe Mungai and The Kansol.

The other artists wowed the crowd but Jones stole the entire show following his new style of entry. The coffin was part of his hit song Gaza, which has taken youths by storm since it was released sometime back. Jones is considered one of the finest rappers in the country. The talented singer has been in the game for years and he is still growing strong. The rapper hit the headlines after he allegedly bleached his skin, claims he has denied.


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