This Is Why These “Chapos” Are Freaking Out A Number Of Internet Users


Kenyans on social media cannot get enough of chapatis made from beetroot. The chapo’s, which are pinkish/reddish in color have become the talk on social media platform with netizens wondering how the chef came up with such an idea.

There are endless speculations on the ingredients used in making the Chapatis. The chapattis were shared online by one @mmjug and social media users were quick to share different opinions over them. Most Kenyans are used to Chapatis made from Wheat flour but this time round someone has opted to try something else.

Here are some of the reactions by Netizens.

@K_mountainous Weird on so many levels…. Besides butternut, they also add pumpkins… Saitan!

@mmnjug Please @DCI_Kenya release @DavidNdii and arrest the person making these seditious chapatis.

@Mwirigi My villagers believe any fruit with a red colour ‘Inasafisha damu’.

@Ngartia Beetroot Chapati? I thought Butternut was odd but this is on a whole new level

@mwarv What. The. Hell. Is. That. Made. Of


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