This Is What Is Happening To The Man And Woman Whose Baby Daughter Was Found With 14 Needles Inside Her Body


In a bizarre twist of events, a 10-month-old baby was found to have 14 sewing needles inside her body when she was examined by medical personnel. The needles were inserted in the toddler’s body from the back and the parents of the child claim to have no idea how this happened. The parents of the young girl, Jacinta Ndung’e and her husband Isaac Wanyoike, are suspected to have tortured the child for unknown reasons.

The couple has since been arrested and taken to court. On 5th November a judge found them guilty of torturing the child according to a doctor’s report. Doctors at the Thika Level Five hospital were convinced that the needles were placed in the child on purpose.

Speaking to reporters, Isaac Wanyoike, calimed that he would never subject his daughter to such inhumane acts.

While Jacinta and her husband remain in custody, the child is reportedly staying at Macheo Children’s Home.


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