After Dumping Sonko’s Daughter, Ex-Boyfriend Flaunts His New Catch


Ben Gatu, the ex boyfriend of Governor Mike sonkos daughter is back in the limelight and this time because of his own doing. Ben Gatu who dated Saumu Mbuvi for years is seemingly on a mission to flaunt his new catch all over social media.

Mr Gatu, who has a child with Saumu was dumped earlier this year for what she claimed was his motive if using her to further his political career as he even vied for Mathioya parliamentary seat on a jubilee ticket.

After the nasty breakup Mr. Gatu went on a social media blackout but has recently come out of his self inflicted hibernation with him posting photos of a new woman at different social gatherings. In a way this is being seen as a means of showing people he has moved past his relationship with Saumu.

KOT are busy taking sides on the turn of events with many pointing out that he has moved on too quickly from what was deemed a serious relationship. In all many Kenyans who commented have expressed surprise in whether it was indeed true that he was only using Sonkos daughter to gain prestige and fame.


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