Dennis Itumbi and Donald kipkorir In Slay Queen Drama


Seems Dennis Itumbi has a knack for attracting all types of controversy because as soon as one goes up another one goes down. Just recently famous lawyer Donald kipkorir made a statement that rubbed many the wrong way. In his tweet, Mr kipkorir tagged Nairobi governor Mike Sonk and his deputy Polycarp Igathe rubbishing their planning mechanism highlighting his displeasure in seeing kiosks, matatus and mitumbas in Karen. He alluded to the fact that it was beneath him.

As expected Kenyans on Twitter where in his case highlighting his apparent superiority complex. To add its voice to the matter the presidential handle added its statement adding controversial tags to its end # slayqueenlawyer, #socialitelawyer. Tables quickly turned on the pscu team mainly focusing on Dennis itumbi as the head of the handle. Ideally with so many issues affecting the country many Kenyans who commented were quick to pinpoint how it is a waste to pay taxes and yet the same taxes are used to pay for a Twitter handle that focuses on mediocre matters.

In all, an apology was given via the same Twitter handle stating that administrative action has been taken. This being Kenya, this statement will quickly be forgotten but for know its still a hot issue with many Kenya’s telling Dennis itumbi to grow up.


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