God Aside, Gun The Number One Protector For This Pastor


A city pastor is causing a storm not by the number of church followers he has, not because of his heartfelt summons and definitely not because of his faith but because of the number of bodyguards he has. The famous pastor recently had run in with some residents who shakily recount how they were manhandled by his guards in the name of protecting him.

The guards who total five in number were all brandishing guns that are meant to protect this pastor from villains in excessive showy display. One woman who had a personal experience to relate wrote on he Facebook page wondering what gives the man of cloak the right to treat others like that.

Well considering that this is Kenya where it is an everyday occurrence to sell miracles at a high fee and to bed and impregnate sheep at will, it really shouldn’t come as a shock. With the church turning to a high profit generating business, it is common knowledge that many Kenyan pastors accumulate great wealth. Needless to say one things that is being highlighted in all this is that protection under God is out and guns protection are the new thing.


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