Is J Blessing Avrils Baby Daddy?


J blessing is back in the limelight once again and all this has to do with recent photos in social media with Avril making rounds. J blessing, the popular and talented music director had recently been in the news with updates on his failed marriage with singer Chantel, the ‘itatokelezea’ hit maker.

J blessing who has a daughter from his former marriage had been pinged to be the father of the child that singer Avril is carrying. In reacting to the rumours, J blessing has refuted claims of this fact stating that he has to handle lots of things in his life and he has no time to nurture new relationships.

Well whether he is transitioning from one level of his life or not, the extensive time he spent with singer Avril is brought to question especially given that fact that no other man has been seen in her company in the period.

Avril who is believed to be four months pregnant and is yet to comment on the rumours.


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