Psych Evaluation For Mother Of Child Who Had 14 Needles In Body


Shocking news rocked the country from thika level five hospital where doctors confirmed that they had under their care a child who had up to 14 needles on the 10-month-old backside. The baby who was taken to hospital with discomforts was apparently pierced with sewing needles with both of her parents claiming ignorance.

Thins court magistrate Brenda Bartoo, has ordered physiological evaluation for both her parents, Jacinta Nduge, 31 and her husband Isaac. Wanyoike, 42.

During initial cross examination the duo have claimed they have no clue how the needles ended up there stating that as this is their child they are simply incapable of inflicting such pains on their own blood.

Needless to say popular opinion is accusing the parents of negligence at the least even if they continue to claim ignorance. In all many are leaning to the fact that they are mentally unstable as no parent regardless of social or economic background can do that to their own child if they are of sound mind.


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