This Is Why Vanessa Chettle Had To Give Birth All Alone In Her Own Bathroom


Former socialite and Nairobi diaries star, Vanessa Cheruto Chettle is the proud mother of a baby girl. Interestingly, the birth of the baby wasn’t in a fancy hospital with all manner of specialized equipment. The young petite mother gave birth in her own bathroom. To make matter even more interesting, she was all alone during the delivery. She shocked many of her fans when she shared a picture showing a large pool of blood she had left during the delivery process.

Apparently, what she suspected to be constipation turned out to be full labor. On the Instagram post she shared, she wrote: “I was home alone and being my first pregnancy, I honestly didn’t know I was in labor! Thought I had constipation.”

Vanessa’s baby daddy is yet to be unveiled, but this hasn’t deterred her fans from sharing their congratulatory messages. The baby girl has been named Anna Chebet Chettle.


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