Citizens’ Swaleh Mdoe Is So Broke, He Is Willing To Sell His Kidneys To Get Money


In a bizarre twist of events, veteran Kiswahili news anchor Swaleh Mdoe confirmed to Capital FM that he had put up one of his kidneys for sale. Swaleh is willing to give away one of his organs for sh2.5 million to enable him to service some of his loans. “I can’t go to back to the bank for a top-up so unless a Good Samaritan bails me out, this is the only other way I can think to raise it,” he said.

His doctors have already given him the green light to sell one of the kidneys and have assured him that he can function well with just one.

The news has been met with mixed reactions with many thinking that this is probably a hoax. However, going by all the statements he’s been giving to media outlets, it seems he is truly broke and is in dire need of financial assistance.


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