We May Soon Be Losing Kenyan Singer Amani To Nigeria Too


Okay we will say it like it is, Nigeria seems to be the place where all the really good money is. It also seems to be the place where you can find men who spend it like there is no tomorrow. This might not be the reason why songstress, Amani may soon be getting married to a ‘naija man’ but for some of our socialites the reason is pretty clear.

Amani has been spotted a couple of times getting cozy with her new catch who goes by the name Chinasa Udeala. They were last spotted in public at the MCSK awards ceremony where Amani frantically shielded Chinasa from the paparazzi. Rumors have also popped up that the two are already engaged and ready to settle. Although she has declined to comment about their status together, we all know where this is headed.