Dead beat kenya founder might be a dead beat dad himself


Everybody experienced different emotions when Dead-Beat Kenya was an official page in facebook. Men were too scared to even think of logging on to the internet because who knew, their names might just be the ones trending. The originator of this idea, Jackson Njeru, was the “black messiah” to many Kenyan women as he had given them an opportunity to air their problems with the men who think that everything is just “touch and go” (thank you Urban Heights for the song).

Now tables have turned and Jackson is the antelope the lion is running after. His wife, Cecilia, yesterday was recorded saying how he was a double tap kind of man and left her when he learnt that she was pregnant. Imagine that. Perhaps he started the facebook page due to personal experiences. Who knows? All I can say is what goes around surely comes around.

You can listen to the telephone conversation courtesy of Mpasho News on sound cloud and judge for yourself