Homeless Kenyan It Graduate Passes On In The Us


For those who have been following the story on the Homeless IT graduate who had been admitted in a US hospital, it will be sad to note that he passed on. According to a spokesman at the Kennestone hospital Alfred Mugo passed away on Sunday morning while undergoing treatment.

Mugo had been in the ICU ward for several days where he had been admitted after a cardiac arrest. At the time of admission, he had no next of kin. The hospital had to make an appeal to members of the public to find out if he still had any family. A medical exam revealed that he had been suffering from a serious lung infection. Although Mugo was a former graduate of Kennesaw State University, he was jobless at the time. According to a former college mate he was an ex-employee of Apple.

The fact that he had been living on the streets probably contributed to his impoverished condition and ailing health.