Robert Alai, Esther Passaris And Her Skimpy Skirt

Twitter wars will never end. The contestants will never cease to amaze the world. This time, it was not really a war but rather an exchange of insulting thoughts between a popular female politician and an internet entrepreneur.

It is not really easy to determine whether Robert Alai was really insulting Esther Passaris or not. Well, it is safe to conclude that they will not really be in good terms after the online incident last night. Alai decided to give his opinion about the recent incident where a woman was stripped naked for dressing insufficiently. He said:

“You dress scantily; I will either personally undress you or sponsor your undressing.”

Afterwards, Passaris posed a question on Twitter asking where the line between semi-nudity and indecency are and whether that is a justification for stripping or raping someone. To this question, Alai posted a photograph of Esther Passaris in an up-skirt. He added that before answering Passaris’ question he would show the world what her moral standard is- skirts that are several inches up the thigh.