What is Dead Beat Kenya?


The social media space is usually a very robust and vibrant environment. In this age where information is easily accessible and information exchange is the heartbeat of everyday discourse, a little spark can light a fire on social media that cannot be contained. What has been trending immensely on social media for the last few days and has even captured the attention of mainstream media is a page calling itself Dead Beat Kenya. Dead Beat Kenya has been on the lips and status updates of many Kenyans who have access to the Internet. This page has been causing a storm because of the sensitive nature of an issue it is propagating. The controversial page exposes men who have allegedly had children with women and then proceeded to abandon them and also men who have allegedly abandoned their financial responsibility towards the child support as required by law. The women post, the names, photos of the men they were allegedly involved with together with their phone numbers. This has kicked up a storm that the administrator of the page Dead Beat Kenya has been already interviewed by two leading local media houses and he has appeared in those interviews in person, a risky move according to many Kenyans. Dead beat Kenya has already exposed known personalities, a famous local musician, a Member of County Assembly and a well-known Journalist. Naysayers have doubted the page’s sustenance with some suggesting that it will be relevant for a short time before its bubble bursts, like a page back in 2012 branding itself ‘Campus Divas for rich men’. Others say that the page is just a prominent personality away from being shut down. Those who were opposed to the admin appearing live on television say that the man could be sued now that he has given Dead Beat Kenya a face.

The page has elicited sharp differences of opinion. The aggrieved ladies and those empathizing with them argue that their attempts to engage with the men they are supposedly exposing have failed and that legal redress has also failed, they have been frustrated by the pace and seeming reluctance of the legal system to give them justice. Some have argued that the legal system is flawed and that led them to the last resort, which is publishing details of the men they are pursuing on social media through Dead Beat Kenya hoping that that exposure will shake their conscious and do them right.

The administrator claims that up to eight women have successfully got justice as a result of the page. His supporters say those opposed to it are only agitated because they will be found out soon or they are comfortable with the bad behaviour of neglecting their children and failure to take responsibility.

Those against it, argue that the motivation behind those women exposing these men is bitterness, anger and a desire to get even, they say that their they have no interest in the children’s affairs but their intention is to want to embarrass those men. Extortion of money of well-to-do men and blackmail are some of the other reasons that men are against this page. But very soon women may be on the spot as several posts by men have started appearing, accusing the women of abandoning their children. The stage is set for more drama indeed. Kenyans being as creative as they are have been making jokes and funny postings especially on Twitter with someone one tweeting that very soon ladies will be asking for a certificate from Dead Beat Kenya before men start dating them.

Over the weekend there was a page that was being talked about that seeks to counter Dead Beat Kenya, but it is yet to gain any momentum. Dead Beat Kenya as of this morning had an incredible following of 79000 and is undoubtedly set to grow in number and popularity.