This Is The Real Reason Why Controversial Bloggger, Robert Alai, Tried To Stop NTV From Airing The Nairobi Aviation College ‘Certificate Of Doom’ Story By Dennis Onkari

Controversial blogger Robert alai boldly attested on his twitter handle that he had made attempts to stop the reputable Kenyan TV station NTV from airing the dubbed ‘certificate of doom’ story on Sunday that featured the exposure of certificates that are offered by the Nairobi Aviation college as fraudulent.

He claimed that his attempt to bar the media from putting on screen the meddlesome series was for the reason that it was a malicious intention by the UAC owner to taint a name.
However he did not ratify his claims. The blogger even threatened the ex-BBC NTV reporter Okari Dennis on phone, a conversation that was recorded in his failed request to bar NTV from exposing the Nairobi Aviation College. The reporter had claimed in his story that people obtain certificates from the college at an expense of just ksh.3000 without attending any classes!