Very Shocking: This Is How A Third Year Moi University Student Was Raped, Strangled And Her Body Dumped Near One Of The Institution’s Hostels


In a rather bizarre incident a Moi University Third Year Student was raped and strangled, then her body was dumped near one of the institution’s hostels. Fear gripped many of the female students with most calling on the university to do more about the institution’s security. Although this seems like an isolated incident, this is not new to many of the old students. Many have been attacked by opportunistic psychopaths roaming the university when darkness falls.

Following the killing, students on Sunday held a demonstration which turned chaotic after a while. Police were forced to intervene to contain the situation, lobbing tear gas canisters at the enraged students. The students went as far as setting ablaze a police vehicle that had gone to pick the body as they accused them of doing little to protect them. As of now the police are yet to make any arrests and get a clear motive of the killers.

Here is a video of how the protest went down courtesy of capital FM news: