This Is The Ridiculous Reason Laura Oyier Gave For Her Sharp Contrast In Skin Complexion

The latest social media sensation Laura Oyier continues to be the talk of town. She was tossed into public scrutiny after supposedly failing to pay an outstanding bill of sh230, 000 at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel on Valentine’s Day. Her travails were the subject of online debate and even made her way to mainstream media by virtue of her court case. The upcoming musician and soon-to-be radio hostess, as she revealed on The Trend last Friday, is in a fresh storm.

Pictures have been doing the rounds on social media of her significant change of complexion with the images revealing her dark skin colour before her popularity spiked. She seems to have lightened her skin drastically just like socialite Vera Sidika. When confronted by Larry on the Trend, the confident Laura dismissed claims that she lightened her skin explaining that she appeared dark-skinned as a result of a tan. She replied, “I was in Dubai and it was really hot and I was out under the sun. Black people tan too you know”. With skin lightening having become such a touchy issue, her explanation will definitely sharply divide opinions.