Obama’s Resignation for Free Lifetime Golf Membership!

Over the Labor Day weekend, a lot of things happened but the one that caught the eyes of most media houses has nothing to do with what the day is dedicated to. Apparently, the president of the strongest and most powerful nation in the world was denied a tee time from some of the most elite courses in New York. According to very dependable sources, none of the managers of the three courses that the president had in mind were willing to inconvenience their high-flyers and super rich clients and close down their courses.

The president was on a visit to Westchester NY to attend a wedding of one of the white house staff. While there he decided it would be a good idea to go golfing which is what he has become particularly attached to raising criticism from the opposition but that is besides the point. Now the president’s aide made calls to three golf courses among them being the Trump National Golf Club, the Willow Ridge and the Winged Foot. None of the three would allow him to come in on Labor Day and then the unexpected happened and it was on Twitter.

Donald Trump, among the most outspoken billionaires in the US and also an owner of 17 golf courses including the Trump National Golf Course where the president was denied entry took to twitter to console the president in the most foe like way considering that the two have never been admirers of each other since Obama came into power.


According to a tweet that was posted on Donald Trump’s twitter handle, the real estate mogul promised to give Obama a free life time membership at one of his golf courses only if he resigns as the president and leader of the US. As you can expect, the tweet generated a lot of mixed reactions with some people pointing to one of Donald’s properties that recently went bankrupt. Others were actually for the idea especially those that think the Obama administration has been a flop.

Given the demeanor of Trump, one might be tempted to think that he is actually serious on his tweet and given how much of golf Obama has been playing of late, he might actually consider the offer. In case you didn’t get the tweet, it went something like this;

Donald trump tweet