Homeless Man Sleeps With Over 156 Women per Year

According to a post in the mirror, a 26 year old homeless man named Joe has managed to sleep with over 156 ladies each year. This is a remarkable feat considering the fact that he is homeless. So how does he do it? Well according to his interview he stays at 3 to 4 women’s houses a week. He can stay at one of his partner’s homes for more than a night if they really enjoy his company and services.


So how does this line up with the average guy?

According to a survey carried out by Durex in 2005, an average guy will have 10 to 15 lovers in his lifetime.

So how does he manage this lifestyle?

Well according to his interview, he spends most of his earnings on his looks. Good looks and clever well calculated compliments attract women. There are millions of women out there, if you aren’t getting laid then there is a serious problem with you.

How did he get to be homeless?

Well, he was kicked out by his parents at the age of 20. Since he is now 26 he has probably slept with over 936 women in a period of 6 years.