Dead Beat Admin: Things Just Got “REAL”.

This is one story that will have most men jumping and jubilating as if Harambee stars finally went to the world cup. You may have heard that Dead Beat Kenya is being sued. What you may not have heard is that the admin of the group is out and about seeking money to get himself out of a court case from his ‘faithful’ followers and those that were hasty to use his page as a platform to air their dirty laundry.


While this may sound shocking to many, the more shocking part is the response that he is getting from his followers. You would expect that he would be receiving M-Pesa contributions or sympathy but instead, mockery and ridicule has befallen him. Some are even expecting that some lady, any time now will pop out of nowhere and expose Njeru as a dead beat dad. Jackson Njeru which is his real name of the Admin went on to the page he created to seek help in raising funds to defend himself in court after being sued by among others the MCA for Kiambu who was a victim of the page.

Instead, he just earned himself a new name ‘Dead Broke Dude’ and that seems like all he will be getting. While he thought that he would enjoy the tyranny of numbers, the masses have eloped him faster than any magician can say his magic words. He has been left high and dry to face his consequences solo.