Betty Bayo speaks out on Kameme FM About her Soon To Be Ex Husband (Pastor Victor Kanyari)


The shocking news of “pastor” Victor Kanyari who also calls himself doctor has had the country buzzing for the last two days. During a morning interview today at Kameme FM, Betty Bayo who is Kanyari’s wife claimed that she knew nothing about her husband’s shenanigans.

She said that her phone was dead on Sunday when her husband was being exposed on Jicho Pevu. When she charged it and switched it on, the first message she saw was “mtakufa hamtaishi” and she wondered what was wrong. Fellow musicians had tried to call her and she decided to go to facebook where she saw abuses and harsh comments from people and also saw that the story was still running on KTN.

Betty said it caught her by surprise just like other Kenyans and she actually fainted on the spot, as all along he has been a good husband. When asked why she has continued to defend him against the numerous allegations levied against him. Bayo says she did it out of love as often her husband told her of people who were against his ministry and being a musician herself she has also encountered such barriers and she therefore thought that they were the normal challenges that Christians face.

She still doesn’t have the courage to view YouTube videos on the story as she is still in shock. Her friends, pastors and fellow musicians advised her to stay off air and allow this storm to pass but she decided to do the Kameme interview because of the people who look up to her. Betty has reiterated that she will not support anything that mocks God.

Though she was not clear about her future plans, in her parting shot she said there must be some truth in the story and she wants her husband to come out, confess and seek forgiveness and go back to Christ and she will also forgive him. Her husband is yet to come home and face her so we will wait and see how this story unfolds.

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