Jaguar Talks Poverty and Success on KTN

Most of us have grown to know him as a great philanthropist a rich guy and more so the guy behind some of the biggest hits in Kenya. However, in a recent interview with KTN’s Edith Kimani, Jaguar let the public see a side of him that many did not think ever existed. He narrated in detail the difficulties he had to go through in his childhood and it is worth saying it is not close to anything that we have grown up knowing.


From being a Petrol station sweeper, to a tout and a chemist attendant, his zeal and determination has seen this artiste grow by leaps and bounds to the extent of mingling with the high and mighty of this great nation including the president himself.

However, despite his massive success, he has not lost his humility and has consistently been helping poor families and the helpless. It is safe to say that he has not in one bit forgotten his roots.

You can watch his KTN interview here: