Caroline Mutoko defines Doctor-prophet-Pastor Kanyari as a smart, focused and very talented individual

The church has been turned to a lucrative business of making quick money through the use of smart marketing skills and well designed business strategies that ensure that you are in a better position to develop your opportunities. Doctor-Prophet-Pastor Kanyari is a perfect example of a sheep in wolf’s skin that uses all strategies to market his quirky miracles.

Kanyari has managed to make a lot of investments and money from innocent-willing to give Kenyans who can hardly smell lies. The preacher has attracted a lot of attention to an extent that Caroline Mutoko termed him as “smart, focused and very talented”. The preacher uses business skills and creative marketing skills to hoodwink innocent people who are dying to receive instant miracles. Kenyans can atleast learn some business brand strategies and great management skills from Kanyari.

The self proclaimed apostle defines his target market and their needs; he perfectly meets them and is excellent at achieving his main objectives.