Kenya Gets Its First Public Transgender


You remember Audrey… I mean Andrew… Okay, it is a grey area. That person that came on TV sometime back and caused a stir because they wanted to have their gender changed. Most of the people never understood one bit why she was working too hard to change how she/he was born but that did not deter Mbugua from her quest of becoming the first 100% Kenyan transgender and she finally managed to pull off the unexpected fete.

After months of running court battles in which Andrew (now Audrey) had sued KNEC for declining to change the name on her KCSE certificate, she finally won and now the National examination body has to change the name on her certificate which finally makes it official and black and white that Andrew will now be referred to as Audrey. However, her quest is yet to be over since she has not attained full ‘womanhood’ and it is going to be a long roller coaster wait for her. So let’s wait and see what she tackles next.