Uhuru Becomes Kenya’s New Knight in Shining Armor

The ICC has always been a thorny issue to Kenya and when people thought that it was about to get really murky with the country’s name on the line, the president who is among the accused had an extra card to pull and Voila! The magic that came out of it was nothing like Kenyans have ever seen before.

At a special session at Harambee house on Monday, the president (now a normal citizen) explained that he was going to take a leave of absence to handle the case facing him in the Netherlands. That way he would be judged as an individual and not as the president of the country. He went ahead to bequeath his powers to his Deputy Ruto and to show how serious the matter was, he went on to leave the presidential office without the presidential motorcade or even the security. This is perhaps one of the most unselfish things that any politician has done in recent times and it is worth saying that his father must be really proud of him and sure as hell Kenyans are too.