This Is What Fiery COTU Secretary-General Francis Atwoli Had To Say About Mp George Muchai’s Death


With the recent gunning down of MP George Muchai, speculations have been raging on as to what could be the cause of the murder. With KOT doing what they do best assumptions and speculations hit the social media trending pages. Francis Atwoli a known opposer of the late MP was not spared. This was due to the fact that the late MP had taken the COTU leader to court claiming mismanagement of the organization, and with the case pending in court means he comes off as a main suspect.

In an attempt to clear his name Mr. Atwoli had a press conference at the COTU headquarters in Nairobi stating that he did not kill Muchai . In a press statement to news rooms on 7th February Mr Atwoli said that Mr muchai and he, although in different places remained friends and a colleagues for the past 50 years. He went on and urged the government to use the working CCTV cameras and do a thorough probe to inform Kenyans on who is behind the death of Muchai.

Mr. Atwoli also took the opportunity to inform Kenyans at large that the late Kabete MP was not a threat to him and that the differences they had were very healthy. Atwoli finished by paying tribute to the slain MP on how he protected the rights of the workers and that he will be missed greatly. He also promised to take part in the funeral arrangements together with the national assembly and the family.