5 main reasons why women cheat on you

Men’s cheating has always been blamed on the genes, something that seems to be wired deep within them that they can’t avoid. However recent studies have suggested that women cheat just as much as a man, the difference is that they just go about it cleverly and cover up their tracks. However the questions still remains, why do women cheat? Below are some of the reasons:



This takes the first position in the list. Women need attention to feel love and appreciated. She might complain and you might think that she always finds crisis in the relationship. But stop for a while and think about what she is really saying before you brand it as nagging. You coming home late, not talking, you not taking her out, you always working not making time for her, football, does it sound familiar? She needs someone who will take her as priority and actually want to spend time with her more than anything else. If you don’t give her the attention she needs, she will find it somewhere else and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Terrible in Bed

This goes without say. I mean if you not satisfying her in bed what’s your use? Against popular myth, women actually have sexual needs just as much as men. Beating your chest as the king of the jungle and going round ordering her around as she was your maid while you don’t satisfy her makes you look bad. She might not tell you how revolting you are when you do your business for barely two minutes, but be assured she is thinking about it. Walking around not satisfied is an unpleasant feeling and this is the reason why she will cheat on you without a second thought.

No life plan

‘Useless men’ is a common phrase that has over time been used by many women. Men tend to become very defensive about this fact and are always up in arms. However think about it, are you such a man? To explain it further, think about it this way, you have a good job but somehow she caters for all the house hold expenses, to make it seem that you actually doing something you do ‘house’ shopping once a month in effect you are definitely a useless man. You expect her to cook for you, clean for you, bare your kids, take care of the expenses while you eat and lazy around. Or maybe you the kind that actually holds a relatively good job and pay the bills however consider if you are in a rut. Do you have plans on the future? There is nothing as appealing as an ambitious man and when a woman is looking for this she will find this in another man, not you.

Personal appearance

Often not women are accused of letting abandon their personal appearance and grow fat and unattractive. However men are also guilty of this fact. In fact in them it’s so bad that at times the only reflex that your wife has is leave the room just as you enter busying herself in the kitchen or with the children. The kind of man that grows a pot belly and keeps unkempt beards with long dirty finger nails are just a turn off. If your personal grooming is wanting and you still think that going on days without shower is appropriate, don’t be shocked if your wife finds a cleaner and fresh smelling man to replace you


This is the classic reason why she would cheat. You strayed and you expect her to forgive you. Shock on you, she won’t. The moment that she comes to know of it, she would be thinking long and hard about how to get back at you. Don’t think that just because she says she has forgotten, she has and things can get back to normal. She will cheat and chances are you will do nothing about it.

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