Exposed: The Trickery and Deceit used by Pastor Victor kanyari mwangi to fleece his congregation


Just how far will you go to gain wealth, money and power? A lot of people would do anything in the bid to gain all these in a heartbeat. In recent years, religion has become one of the best ways to make good cash fast. All you have to do is prey on the weak, the innocent, the less fortunate and all those who are willing to try out just about anything because of desperation. This makes up a larger percentage of most populations in third world countries. Therefore, this doesn’t sound like a bad business venture for those who are experts at tapping into peoples psyche.

In a recent show on ‘The Inside Story’ on KTN, some of the tricks and deceitful methods used by a charismatic pastor who goes by the name Victor Kanyari Mwangi, got exposed. Victor Kanyari is not new to controversy however this was the first time that his trickery was captured live on camera. Apparently he not only fleeces his congregation for money but also hires actors to give false prophesies and choreographed testimonies. All this is in a bid to exponentially increase his earnings. Business is so good that he can easily make more than 150,000 kenya shillings ($1700) in a day. Shockingly, no taxes are filed from these earnings.

According to Kanyari, collecting large sums of money from people is his God given right since it is drawn from the bible. When asked what he does with the hefty sums he gets, he was quick to say that most of it is used in purchasing church assets and paying for the broadcasting sessions on various TV channels. His staff members blindly follow his lead hoping that they will someday walk in his shoes and own all that he has. His congregation which largely consists of women seems not to mind what he does. Their unwavering faith consistently assures them that he is holy and all he does is according to the scriptures.

Scenarios like this are clearly what are making congregations in churches grow smaller.

Here is the video, courtesy of KTN, that exposed Pastor Victor Kanyari Mwangi for who he truly is:

  • baye

    This guy is truly insane

  • Angela

    hii maombi itatuua…. only true hearts can reach out to JESUS CHRIST

  • Bonface

    Rember the Bible Guys…. ithe end of days there will be false prophets

  • wale

    In the footsteps of dr kanyari

  • mberee

    a very quick way of makin mula …………… mmn! food for thought.

  • Fazio

    Wacha nikuimbie leo……….