Meet A Japanese Lady Who Speaks Luo 10 Times Better Than You Do

Kenya has always been known for her diversity and the best part is that we have the tribe with among the greatest sense of Swag the world has ever seen and these are the Luos. However, they do not stop there. They do one better and take pride in their language and the best part is that this has started rubbing off on everyone including the Asians who have now invaded our country for all the good reasons of course. However, while they are taking over building the roads, and even hawking in our streets, no one expected that they would be taking over the Luo language as well.

Everyone was in awe when a very Japanese looking lady (who was Japanese by the way) came to the show and claimed she could sing in Luo. Well, everyone can but when she started singing, not only could she sing in Luo but she could sing in fluent Luo complete with the swag. Before you know it, the whole of Japan will be rocking Luo.

Here is the video which was aired on KTN: