Here are the Shocking Revelations of the Woman Suspected to have helped out in the Ritual Killings of the Muthaiga Family!

After shooting arrows in the dark for some time about what could have driven a man who was a former lawyer to kill his wife and probably his three children then himself some light is finally coming into the situation and one word that stands out is PASTOR!

Yes you have read that right, a lady identified as Pastor Anne Wanyoro who was recently arrested by police is said to have had links with a Nigerian cult church which Paul was an avid follower of. In an Affidavit read by the police, one of the witnesses stated that the “Pastor” would spend a lot of time in the house of Paul where he had a room that served as a shrine. She is also said to have conducted rituals in the house for four days (between 14 to 16th November) which later led to the murders. The Pastor’s links to Nigerian church were confirmed by Paul’s constant visits to Nigeria.

As much as this may sound to many like a story that is coming out of the script of a Nollywood film straight from the heart of Nigeria, it is finally good to have some direction in this mayhem even though most of us would have preferred for it to be less dramatic and still hope that the remaining boys will be found alive.