You Have Seven Days to Prove the Suspect Sane and Guilty!-Police Told by Magistrate

While Kenyans were celebrating Jamhuri day, the family of Ms. Linda Wanjiku woke up to a rude shock at the news that their daughter had been murdered. Given her stature, the police moved in quickly and arrested the husband and to show how serious they were about the case, the investigating officer filed an affidavit with the Makadara Law courts seeking to have a psychiatric assessment done on the patient as well as 7 days to conclude the trial.

The judge did not object to this and found that the request was very genuine and that it was logical directing that the suspect Mr. Odhiambo who is a licensed firearm holder be remanded at the BuruBuru police station for a further 7 days as the investigations get concluded. During this time, the investigators will be able to complete among other things collection of statements from witnesses as well as honor their appointment at the Mathare Hospital for the assessment of the suspect.

Should the suspect be charged with murder or even man slaughter, then he is expected to be paraded at the high court. However, it is a long way from there but it is safe to say that it seems that justice for investment lawyer Linda Wanjiku is coming in a swift and in a timely manner.