Donholm Nanny Caught Mistreating Child on Camera!

After the world wide outcry after the nanny who was caught on camera mistreating and brutally beating child was sentenced to only 4 years for her heinous crime, the attention has now shifted to Kenya after a similar video emerged on Wednesday showing a Nanny in Kenya’s Donholm estate brutally beating up a child. According to the mother, it all started when her little daughter who has not even completed breastfeeding started behaving weirdly.

The child became reserved, very clingy and on seeing the brutal nanny would hide behind a chair. This prompted the mother to investigate and the results of this were something she could not fathom especially given that the nanny who giving her child a brutal and merciless beating was a relative. However, this might anger Kenyans even more because as usual, when the mother reported the case to the police, they did not ask for the name of the suspect. Chances are while justice was quick and lenient in Uganda, it may never happen in Kenya.

Here is the video courtesy of NTV Kenya: