This Is What The Shocking Cctv Footage On George Mutai’s Murder Has Revealed To Investigators


The CCTV footage from buildings located close to the crime scene clearly show the gunmen in a Mercedes trailing Kabete MP George Mutai’s vehicle as he was driving from Westlands.

Just before 2:51 am, a motorist also from the same direction as George Mutai went through the roundabout and wedged his vehicle in between the MPs vehicle and the Mercedes. The person in the vehicle then went in the direction of Moi Avenue Direction through the centre lane.

At 2:51:20 am, the MP stopped his vehicle and the Mercedes went round the roundabout but stopped halfway due to traffic. This was at exactly 2:51:50 am.

After 15 seconds, the vehicle blocked the MP’s vehicle and a man carrying a bag is seen walking towards the scene from Nyayo house. The shooting is not clear from the footage. However the Mercedes is seen reversing and speeding away after 53 seconds in the direction of Kenyatta Avenue before turning onto Koinange Street in the direction of Holy Family Basilica.

A total of eight vehicles drove past the crime scene after the Mercedes left.