Wonder No More: Here Is What Is Going On Between Comedian Erick Omondi And Socialite Huddah Monroe

The big day for lovers (valentine) is now two days dead. Looking back at the attention capturing events that happened our comedian Erick Omondi is the main feature here. The comedian had a mission to entertain at safari park hotel, which he was to do alongside socialite Huddah Monroe.

There seems to be more than just to that as there is supportive evidence that the comedian may be receiving more pleasantries from the super sexy Huddah.

Erick Omondi shared another photo of himself and Huddah Monroe most probably enjoying the repose offered to him by her backside. Contrary to the comedian we know, Erick Omondi has not said anything about this photo. He is well known to always follow up his photos with tittles. This one must have been left out to address the public for itself.

Might there be something we should know between the two? You know what the answer to this question is. Give it time.




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