Finally Some Real Proof Showing That Paul Kobia Has Finally Lost It Upstairs

Having headlined the news the past few weeks, it seems that the talk about Paul Kobia is not going to die down anytime soon, with controversies ranging from gold smuggling, to murder allegations things are just getting better. Below are a few concrete reasons to back up claims he has finally gone completely crazy.

1. After the banning of the sirens by minister of internal security, Paul Kobia went ahead and stated only three Kenyans allowed sirens on vehicle, namely president Uhuru, his deputy William Ruto and himself.
2. First memorable utterance made is that he is planning to appoint rights activist Boniface Mwangi as head of FKF to ensure Kenya plays in world cup in 2018.
3. Next he went on social media and stated he is planning on mobilizing 500 youth from Kibera, Mathare and Dandora to raid Kathy kiunas church after she discriminately banned poor people from her church.
4. Another unfortunate utterance is his claim to have successfully killed Fidel odiga without leaving evidence much to the fury of KOT.
5. During a press conference, Paul Kobia went ahead and made quite bold utterances and promises of hunting down opposition senators, Boniface khalwale, Omar Hassan and Johnston Muthama for abusing president.
6. Paul Kobia made an issue with the name Masinde Muliro University stating it should be named after him and not dead people.
7. Few weeks back he claimed that he had turned down president offer to making him Kenyan ambassador to Japan stating he would like to stay in Kenya to protect him instead. This is after highly publicized talk show at NTV claiming he had paranoia.
8. Further Paul Kobia went on to post that he was mobilizing 400 youths to clean central police station plus all its cars as if he would get access.
9. Finally he went on bragging that he was importing two Lamborghini from Britain but instead posted photos of two vehicles that caused a stir in the port of Mombasa.
10. Quite memorable and beyond imagination is the fact that Paul Kobia stated that he will personally pay a new advisor for president Uhuru Kenyatta, and it happens that he was talking about none other than former British prime minister Tony Blair.

One noticeable thing about all this is the fact that they all happened after the incidence of Fidel’s murder. Quite frankly they do suggest that he has gone completely bonkers. Looking at them again, they are good, maybe too good. Thinking about it, how can a man who is classified in the billionaire’s class be mentally unstable? How did he get to be that rich if he is crazy? And just how come the Kenyan police have not confiscated his weapon after televised broadcast of his utterances. Maybe he isn’t crazy, maybe he is gathering up great alibi for the next time he commits serious offence, after all the whole of Kenya will back him with the theory he is insane.