This Is How Mzee Ojwang’s Operation Went After His Plight Was Highlighted By Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko

After the media and bloggers highlighted the deplorable conditions in which the renowned actor was living in, things are looking up for Mzee Ojwang. Benson Wanjau also known as Mzee Ojwang broke into the limelight again after Sonko broke the news of his health and rushed the actor to hospital using the Sonko rescue team. Kenyans who felt embarrassed and angry took to helping the actor by using the #okoamzeeOjwang.

Sonko broke the news again, this time showing pictures of the legendary actor leaving hospital in the company of other actors. Sonko went ahead and told Kenyans that the 76 year old has now regained his full sight after a successful operation that took place late last week. All in all Mzee Ojwang seems happy if the smile he has on his face is anything to go by.

However with the recovery of Mzee Ojwang all eyes now shift on the government. It looks like they neglect their own after their worth is over. This is even after CS Fred Matangi came to the government’s defense, saying that they had paid all the Vitimbi actors all their remunerations and that Mzee Ojwang did not invest his money well.

Here are some of the pictures: