Team Mafisi Have A Field Day: Avril Responds To The Sensual Harassment She Underwent While Performing On Stage Recently

Avril is finding out that being a female artist in Kenya has a major downside. From the acne full face she was trolled about and the fact that she actually has to work harder to stay relevant, she now has to deal with sensual harassment. It seems that some men being perverted individuals take her as an object of gratification and actually go to the extent of groping her behind.

This is in relation to the event that unfolded last week at the Maasai mara university where, male fans went all ballistic and were controlled by their testosterone level and seemingly could not get a hold on their excitement. Being an extremely beautiful artist, Avril has to deal with the enormous amounts attentions she gets in a dignified manner in order to get back in the control of things

In some of the photos she had to contend with, some of the students fondled her behind. The worst part is that she didn’t even give them an excuse considering that she was not sensually dressed. Shockingly one went to the extent of taking a bum selfie in broad day light with no shame. One wonders just how doomed Kenya is if these “mafisi” can now be found in educational establishments, tainting tomorrow’s leaders.