Here Is The Harrowing Tale Of The Taxi Driver Who Drove The 29 Year Old Journalist In His Car After The Gideon Mwiti Rape Saga

According to the taxi driver the married journalist ran to his car as if someone was after her. Her skirt and blouse were torn and she looked traumatized. At the time of the incident he had parked his car at the entrance of Woodvale Grove. It was around 1 am when the lady ran to his car and he felt the need to rescue her. Once the lady was in his car she begged him to drive her to the Jacaranda Hotel near Pizza Garden to which he obliged.

While in the car the woman explained how a very powerful MP had raped her and how she hated men. She kept crying and looking outside to see whether anyone was trailing them. She could not understand how a close friend of her husband could do something so heinous to her. When they arrived at the Jacaranda Hotel she got into her car and begged him to follow her to her home. The entire journey was cumbersome for her since she was unstable. At one point she even run into the taxi driver’s car as she drove causing a minor accident. Luckily they arrived at the lady’s house safely where she was then driven to hospital.

The taxi driver is among 10 witnesses who have so far given different testimonies as to what transpired on that fateful night. The MP in question, Gideon Mwiti, has so far given samples of his DNA for testing and the police are waiting for the results before they take their next step.