This Is The Reason Why Philanthropic Kenyan Musician Jaguar Does Not Plan On Getting Married Anytime Soon

When a person attains a certain age, it is expected that they get married. Also, if they have a good financial foundation, everybody int heir family as well as their friends considers them ready to get married. One of the people who has attained these qualities is Jaguar. He is a very well known Kenya musician, businessman and entertainer.

Many people all around him expect him to get married soon. He has attained a level of success in the music industry that his peers envy. Moreover, his businesses are doing quite well and thus he seems prime for marriage. When he was consulted for any information on this topic, he declared that he is not considering getting married any time soon. Jaguar says that he wants to focus on raising his kids first. Jaguar has two beautiful daughters that he wants to raise first before considering getting married.