What You Get For Trying to Massacre an MP

A man was shot and killed in Ndia constituency for a variety of reasons among them the lackluster nature of our police force. Ndia MP Stephenson Ngare was in the area attending a function at Ngando Primary school where new classes were being opened courtesy of the CDF fund. All along, a disgruntled panga wielding member of the public had hidden himself among the wananchi. When the moment was right, he sprang into action as soon as the headmaster of the school invited the MP to make a speech.

The Headmaster was the first to get a taste of the wrath that had been eating at the victim’s soul and then the second was the MP’s body guard who was cut on the hand before he shot and killed the man. This was before he could advance and offer the MP a taste of the now bloody steel blade. Soon after the man hit the ground, the AP police officers that were at the scene (apparently tasked with ensuring security) came in to action begging the question what were they really doing there in the first place? The MP and his body guard have since then written a statement and the headmaster taken to Sagana hospital.