Shocking As A Woman In Nyeri Is Sexually Assaulted By A Group Of 10 Monkeys

After the bizarre incident of the women who were stripped naked and molested, it seems that the heinous disease is spreading to the most unlikely of animals. Monkeys!

Esther, a woman living and working on her farm, was pounced on and sexually assaulted by 10 monkeys. In her narration she tried shooing away the monkeys as she was tending to her garden, but they only seemed to go and come back after a few minutes. Thinking they would leave her, she turned her back only for them to pounce on her. The male monkeys started fondling her. On realization on how serious the situation was, she screamed for help and the neighbours came to her rescue.

Residents of the village are extremely angry with the wildlife association as they did not respond, even after numerous calls. The residents are now calling on the government to save them not only from the monkeys stealing their food, but from the sexual assaults happening.