Watch What Happens When A Father Mistakenly Runs Over His Toddler With A Land Crusier

Children find happiness when they see their parents around and they will do anything as a sign of joy and appreciation but this almost took away the toddlers life, thanks to the mother. As usual, the toddler could not resist showing delight on the arrival of his dad but this time it was no lucky day as the parent almost claimed the life of the innocent soul without his knowledge.

Running all the way to the gate to have a glance at the approaching father in a Land cruiser takes away the mother’s breath as she rushes to rescue the child whose father was not aware of his presence anywhere close to the automobile. Had it happened that the vehicle knocked down the child, it could have been one of the saddest stories to tell. ‘Next time I would walk to the gate to see whether my lovely child is there before I drive in’ is definitely, what goes through the drivers mind.

Here is the miraculous video