Lulu Hassan Takes Off Her Hijab

Over the past decade , Kenyan media has grown by leaps and bounds . Gone are the days when the population was stuck with one television station , the infamous K.B.C ( Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation ) . Currently there are numerous channel stations to tune into , and with them , a vast array of talent , grace and beauty . So sparks my main topic , Citizen T.V ‘ s Lulu Hassan.

Every Kenyan at one point or another has heard of the charming Swahili lady who reads the 7 O’clock news on Citizen T.V. . Widely known for hear jaw dropping fluency in the Swahili language , she also bears a virtue very hard to miss , her looks . Being Muslim by religion , she is most often spotted wearing the Islamic Hijab in public , or when reading the news , and her beauty is still unmatched.


However , a photo surfaced recently of her without the Hijab and my oh my , was she stunning . With her deep set brown eyes , short dark hair and her ever glorious smile , it was hard to think of a better description of an angel . Maybe it was a motherly glow , since she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy earlier in the month , but one fact still remains , her beauty is unmatched .

Since she is still on maternity leave , her fans will be really eager for her return . With the photo only a mere glimpse of her true potential , it is just a matter of time before Kenyans go buzzing for the return of a true sweet heart.