Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks: Yet Another Celebrity Split!

While last year was full of celebrities sharing kisses and smooching each other on the red carpet, this year seems to be more about claws sticking out and people splitting left right and center. It goes to show that just like any other place in the world, Hollywood also has its own fair share of problems.First, it was Mariah Carey and his ex-husband Nick Canon who was almost half her age.

Then it spread to Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa who just a year ago seemed to be undoubtedly the happiest people on earth only to split after a year of marriage.


Now the remaining glamor couple who people were hoping would be ringing some wedding bells soon have also split. The culprits in this case are Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks. The sad part is that these two seemed like a really cute couple with all the beauty and glamour surrounding the two. Rumors started flying around when Derulo was seen at a boy’s night out with Ashton Kutcher, Jammie Foxx and Robin Thicke and then a couple of days later posted a photo of himself celebrating his birthday with Snoop Lion and Jermain Dupri. The final nail on the coffin however was Jordin’s tweet saying that she had just written the saddest song of her life. This was later followed by a confirmation from Derulo that the two had split. It is worth saying though that these two would have had the cutest babies but oh, well, what is done is done.