Caroline Mutoko Throws Her Weight behind Tony Mochama’s Innocence

So far, the rumors about Tony Mochama allegedly defiling a fellow poet have been spiraling out of control with all the empty words being thrown around. Plenty of questions are being asked among them why Shailja Patel waited so long to report the case but none of them are helping the situation or shedding light on to what actually happened. However, with the headless chicken like run that the case is taking, a lot of media personalities that know Tony or Smitta Smitten are still confused, but one of them who even grew up with him is taking his side.


Enjoying her new promotion at Radio Africa, Caroline Mutoko took the time out to speak about a childhood ally who is now on the wrong side of the law after being accused of sexually assaulting another woman at party that he had attended. According to Carol who grew up with Tony, despite him being eccentric, she does not think that he would do something like this or at least she hopes he didn’t. She goes further to point out that he has a wife and a child. Either way, we have to wait and hear what the boys in blue have to say after the investigation is completed.