Whats All The Fuss About Desire Luzinda?

If you happen to be in touch with the social media world you definitely know who desire luzinda is , unfortunately all for the wrong reasons. The beautiful musician’s photos have been leaked by her ex boyfriend, Frank Emuobor, a Nigerian man. In the photos Luzinda is seen groping her boobs with one hand,while covering her privates with the other as she is smiles heartily.

The musician, seeing this did not stay silent, and went ahead to say how betrayed she is by the man she gave her heart to, and how stupid he was to do such a childish thing. She was however quick to add that she will not do anything to him and she leaves it all to God.

However, Frank being the man that he is defended himself saying that this is the payback that he can give to a rather promiscuous woman, who does not know how to thank her even after bailing her out of her 16m shillings debt a few years back. With all that happening in Luzindas life, one cannot help but just wait and see how the scene will unfold when Luzinda decides to speak again.